bike.02 – Save Safe

The culture of cycling has become noticeably more popular in recent years. Frequently quoted reasons for this development are roads overcrowded with cars, ecological awareness and health aspects. Not only racing bikes from past times, but also modern premium bikes and e-bikes have gained in importance.

Building up on the last semester project bike.0, the continuation has been given a new direction. Through a lively exchange with representatives of the premium bicycle manufacturer Canyon in Koblenz, new and important questions have arisen that often encounter design problems in the premium bicycle sector. For the bicycle as a comfortable and user-specific means of transport for different requirements, design questions of indispensable accessories such as lights and locks are partly unanswered. Where does the design of bicycles end?

The lock is usually seen as an obstructive but indispensable element on the bike. On the other hand, it means carefree parking of one’s own sometimes expensive bike. While the bicycle industry advertises the lightest and most comfortable bikes, the customer has to add a secure lock that can often weigh up to 1.5 kg.

In the semester project bike. 02_SaveSafe, the focus was on the task of designing a bicycle lock with the Canyon brand in mind. How can security be communicated and what role will digital means play in protecting against theft in the future? What additional barriers can be formed by digital locks?

Type of project • Student project
Supervisors • Prof. Peter Eckart, Dipl.-Des. Julian Schwarze
Participants • Bettina G. Braun, Luna Chen, Kay Dreyer, Julian Farkas, Jesko Haschke, Andrea Hildebrandt, Elisa Holzer, Felix Pape, Huang Shaohui, Ines Schramm, Frauke Taplik, Xu Tiantian
Status • completed
Duration • 10/2016 – 02/2017
Cooperation and Funding • Canyon Bicycles GmbH (Lars Wagner, Sebastian Wegerle)



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