Mobility Design Guide

Concept development, user research, prototyping, user interface and interactive design of a digital guide

The Mobility Design Guide is a digital handbook for mobility design. Politicians, urban and transportation planners, as well as architects and designers, are provided with inspiration, models, and research principles to support the planning and realization of future-oriented, socially conscious, sustainable mobility concepts.

In contrast to classic reference works, the guide offers arguments for and examples of achieving a transformation in transportation by promoting a new mindset among transportation stakeholders through mobility design.

The guide provides a demonstration and exploration of a user-oriented method for mobility design. Points of departure are the desirable mobility focal points as well as the concrete target formulations and project leverage measures based on these goals. User-centered perspectives are then adopted within a system-oriented approach. This allows for sustainable mobility to be established as a natural transportation option through the design of easy access to intermodal mobility systems and positive user experiences, which results in the affirmation of user identity.

Type of Project • Applied project
Lead • Prof. Andrea Krajewski (Hochschule Darmstadt), Prof. Peter Eckart, Prof. Dr. Kai Vöckler,
Team • Dipl.-Des. Anna-Lena Moeckl, Dipl.-Des. Sabine Reitmaier, Max Brandl, Philipp Kaltofen, Jan Meininghaus, Dipl.-Des. Ken Rodenwaldt, Dipl.-Des. Julian Schwarze
Status • completed
Duration • 01/2018 – 03/2022
Funding • Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and the Arts (LOEWE research cluster)


Publications about the project

Andrea Krajewski, Sabine Reitmaier, Kai Vöckler, Peter Eckart

Mobility Design Guide: Making Future Mobility Tangible and Experienceable

In: K. Vöckler, P. Eckart, M. Knöll, M. Lanzendorf (Hg.): Mobility Design - Die Zukunft der Mobilität gestalten, Bd. 2: Forschung, Berlin 2023, pp. 58-69

Andrea Krajewski, Peter Eckart, Kai Vöckler (Hg.) (2022)

Mobility Design Guide

Vom Zukunftsbild bis ins Detail: menschbezogene, umwelt- und sozialverträgliche Mobilitätssysteme planen und gestalten. Ein interaktiver Leitfaden.



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