POP_CYCLE: Prototype of a bollard system


On February 20, the universal bollard system POP_CYCLE was presented in Offenbach’s stadtraum. On behalf of VeloLAB, an innovation platform for bicycle mobility, the prototype of a universally usable bollard system was developed at the OIMD: Design students Edith Strecker and Johannes Bietz, under the supervision of Dipl.-Des. Daniel Rese, have designed protective and guiding elements for the separation of the roadway and cycle path, which is intended to meet a wide range of requirements: Bollards protect cyclists and guide traffic flows, but their design is rarely well resolved in the conflicting areas of regulations, functions, aesthetics and acceptance.

POP_CYCLE can be used for up to ten years and is modularly adaptable to different urban planning conditions, thus achieving greater acceptance among the population as an aesthetically pleasing bollard system.


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