(c) Annika Storch

Station of the future: virtual reality test of two station types


From February 26 to March 7, we tested two types of train station in virtual reality (VR) together with the Institute for Social-Ecological Research (ISOE): a rural and a regional feeder station. 80 test persons were able to look around the simulated train and bus platforms and the virtual station building in our VR lab and describe their impressions. In particular, we tested how the information provided on connections and alternatives in the event of train cancellations was perceived. The VR test is part of our “Station of the Future” project, in which we are developing and testing measures for the future design of train stations as multimodal mobility platforms for the German Center for Rail Transport Research under the leadership of ISOE. VR tests allow citizens to participate in this development – this is crucial in order to be able to review and adapt measures before they are implemented, thereby improving quality and achieving greater acceptance.


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