Situations and processes of travelers from the moment of entering a station to the moment of boarding the train

To be on the move with public transport always creates a rhythm of movement and lingering on the traveler’s path. We pass through mobility spaces, look around, go to shops in the station area or look for a place to wait – we linger for a short time until our train arrives. In doing so, we move through a sequence of interspaces: halls, corridors, stairs, elevators, and levels – places of mobility.

How do we orient ourselves? How and where do we wait? Can integrative design of orientation and dwelling situations create new spaces? The title “Inbetween” refers to the fact that we do not wait for the sake of waiting. We want to arrive somewhere. Orientation and dwelling is an integral part of movement processes. What role do space layout and structure, zoning, color, surface and material, and the associated lighting, acoustics and information play? Positive experiences can be created through design concepts. Effortless orientation and short-term waiting are essential building blocks of mobility, which are re-examined through the integrative design of process, space, information and product.

Type of project • Student project
Supervisors   V.-Prof. Knut Völzke, Dipl.-Des. Julian Schwarze, Dipl.-Des. Kai Dreyer
Participants • Elschad Abylov, Moritz Bisjak, Domenico Bösterling, Clara Brandt, Marc Gehrmann, Pu Han, Luke Handon, Philipp Kohl, Kirill Kohl, Anton Lauer, Abdelkader Ouchène, Felix Pape, Maria Isenia Spatola, Zhu Zhu, Moritz Zimmermann
Status • completed
Duration • 10/2019 – 04/2020
Cooperation • VR-Nerds GmbH, Envue Homburg Licht GmbH
Funding • Deutsche Bahn




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